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Manifest-Station Message of the Day.

June 24, 2012

Manifest-Station Message of the Day for 6/24/12

Today will be about Returning.

You will return to the state of your birth, before any other ideas except:

I am deeply loved entered your mind.

You will return to this state with grace, and, you will never, ever again question that there is anything else. You will Return to the Knowing that there in Nothing Wrong with you.

Not those 5 pounds, not your baldness, not your deafness, not your bank statement.

You will remember your perfection

and return to it like an old chair in a corner of your room you had forgotten about.

Once you have returned to this place of feeling deeply loved, once you have returned to this place before anything was ever wrong, you will sit down and declare: I remember this feeling. Yes, it is mine. I think I will stay.

You will have returned and there will be a big sign saying “Welcome Back.”

Below is a beautiful song I play in class often called “Returning” by Jennifer Berezan.

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