March 3, 2013

One year ago today my beloved friend and soul brother Steve Bridges passed away. I wanted to share this from last year. Still here in Santa Fe where I came for Ronan’s memorial… Never take anything or anyone for granted…

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  • Reply cblissrex March 3, 2013 at 10:51 am

    Jennifer, Please know that my reply to your “Letter to Steve” (below) wasn’t meant for you — it was a mistake, as it was meant for someone who thanked me for oranges from my tree,and I hit the wrong email for a reply. 🙁

    Ironically, I haven’t read this latest writing of yours (I wait until it is quiet and I can savor every word); doubly ironically, I’ve LOVED every one of your writings– taking them to heart as I’ve responded in my mind with “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, and have thought that some day I would respond and let you know how much your words move me…never thought it would be because I hit the wrong button on my computer and needed to quickly make ammends for what would appear as an inappropriate response to your heartfelt words.

    Again, ironically, I have to make this short because I have to leave the house very soon; but it was important to me that I correct my mistake right away so you wouldn’t misunderstand what was a blunder on the computer — probably because I was in a hurry. Please know that I have tremendous admiration for you in every way, and your words touch me deeply; you are an amazing person and writer, and you are a gift to anyone who is fortunate enough to cross paths with you on their life’s journey. Your insight, openness, sincerity, caring, ability to reach out to others, willingness to share in such personal ways, and incredible talent to express yourself in such resonating words is beautiful to behold. Never doubt the positive and healing impact you have on any of your fellow earth-travelers who are fortunate enough to experience such an amazing and most special connection with another human being.

    Thank you!… for being you, for being there, and for being in my life with your written words. Charlene Rex (Los Gatos, CA)

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