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And So It Is, Awe & Wonder

Always Be. My Manifesto.

March 8, 2013
Be here.
Be fierce.
Be awake.
Be dreaming.
Be asking questions.
Be paying attention.
Be dancing.
Be thinking.
Be remarkable.
Be still.
Be not always thinking.
Be original.
Be sharing cuz there’s plenty.
Be quiet.
Be loud.
Be supportive.
Be authentic.
Be of service.
Be creative.
Be bold.
Be telling the truth.
Be reading.
Be letting it go.
Be remembering.
Be passionate.
Be compassionate.
Be empathy.
Be curious.
Be Grace.
Be knowing.
Be humble.
Be kind.
Be laughter.
Be an ear.
Be observing.
Be participating.
Be a shoulder.
Be human.
Be honest.
Be fearless.
Be living in your body.
Be tickled by life.
Be wowed.
Be beauty.
Be daring.
Be always listening.
Be a poem.
Be the music.
Be mindful.
Be surprised.
Be love.
Be a Thank You card.
Be less concerned with Doing.
Be Inspiration.
Be a channel for all that is good in the world.
Be whatever you want.
Be nothing.
Be it all.But mostly, unequivocally: