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More Rules To Live By. As Told by A 6 Year Old & A 4 Year Old Over Dinner.

June 14, 2012

I love this email I got from one of my best friends last night! She has two amazing kids age 6 and 4. 

Rules To Live By, As told by Hendrix over dinner: (Hendrix is 6)

-Be happy

-Visit frends

-Be gratful four hoo you are, wut you are and wut you have

-Dans for no reason

-seaing awt lowd


-do yoga

(and my personal favorite)

-love your heart

And of course we had a boy to follow….Stoney’s rules are:

-eat ice cream and ALL different kinds of candies, but not too much to make my belly hurt.

-go to school

-eat lunch

-take a nap

-play with friends

-have play dates

-Be clean and clean up

-get air and have lots of trees

-be the HULK or Morris or The Gold Ranger (use your imagination!!!)


Mine for that sitting, without much thought….

-listen from your heart (so you hear anothers heart)

-take action

-love thy self so that you can love thy neighbor

-invest time, don’t just spend time

-scream when you want to, excited, scared, frustrated, mad….as loud as you can.

-always jump in the water (literally and figuratively)

-practice kindness

 Just thought I’d share your inspired dinner conversation last night.

I’m telling you, family dinner! May be one of the most important things in parenting! keeping the channels open. Thinking of friends and family

And having good friends to inspire thoughtful conversation!


Parents! Ask your kids what their rules to live by are and post them in the comment section below!