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Today I’m Optimistic

September 7, 2011

Last night I went to my friend Mark Hobley’s art show and there was the painting. Yes, the one I am already thanking the universe for because it is hanging in my new house on the wall. It was made for me. Today I am Optimistic. Indeed!

Mark Hobley's painting

What are you optimistic about? Imagine if this was what you saw every morning upon rising?!

What are you thanking the Universe in advance for? Try waking up and saying Thank You immediately. Before coffee even. Before pulling the covers off. Before the I’m tired! Where’s the snooze button? Whisper it or yell it but say it! Thank You.

What are you optimistic about? 

Today I am optimistic:

~that there’s a cure in the near future for Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS) and I will contribute to that research with my fundraising via retreats/t-shirts.

~ That miracles will continue to happen in my life and in those lives around me.

~ That I will continue to fearlessly think things I’ve never thought before, say things I’ve never said before, and doing things I’ve never done before.

~ I am optimistic today that I will continue to live in my top 1% (thank you Alissa Finerman for this concept!) 

~ That I will continue to remember not to take things personally. That I am not the jerk whisperer.

~That my friends in the band Snow Patrol will rock the world with their newest album “Fallen Empires” and it will be the biggest hit they have ever experienced. And so it is!

~That LOVE like THIS will continue to inspire me and take over the planet. I wept at the video below. The mom in it inspires me. Doesn’t it make you feel optimistic about the human spirit and love? Imagine! And so it is. [youtube=]

~I’m optimistic that I’ll get to take many more vacations where I can do crow on a table in front of the ocean while my nephew watches with joy with or without floaties on his arms. I am optimistic that soon he will be the one on the table!

~Today I am optimistic because I have made it this far despite many many bumps in my road which not only could have thrown me off my horse, but potentially killed me. I am alive! I am very much alive! Indeed. Today I am optimistic.

Tanya-b clothes make me feel optimistic, inspired and ALIVE!

What are you optimistic about today?