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Jennifer Meyer Maguire. The Manifestation Q&A Series.

December 28, 2011

Welcome to The Manifestation Q&A Series. 

I am Jennifer Pastiloff and this series is designed to introduce the world to someone I find incredible. Someone who is manifesting their dreams on a daily basis.

Today’s guest is the lovely and talented Jennifer Meyer Maguire, wife of actor Tobey Maguire. I have known Jen for years, since my waitressing days. The thing that always struck me about her was kindness: Jen is kind, through and through. As a server, it is the thing you always remember about the people you waited on. Were they kind? 

Last year, I was having a kick-off party for G.A.M.E. Yoga (free yoga for kids with special needs)  and Prader Willi Research and Jen donated a gorgeous necklace simply because I had asked her. She said yes immediately because she was moved by what I was doing with kids.

You may not have realized it, but most likely you have seen Jennifer Meyer’s gorgeous jewelry designs before. See photo below.

Jennifer Aniston wears Jen Meyers jewelry.

Now it’s years later and I no longer wait tables but am thankful for those years indeed. I met many amazing folks during those years who inspired me to manifest my own dreams. Jennifer Meyer Maguire is one of them.

She runs her own company and has two amazing children and Tobey Maguire is her hubby. I say she has a full plate. I wanted to sit down with her and pick her brains in hopes that you all get to know her a little better and see what a bright light, incredible mother, and profound role model for women Jen is.

Jennifer is full of grace, creativity and inspiration. She designs my very favorite jewelry in the world and she happens to be the most adorable person ever. Without further ado….

Jennifer Pastiloff: What are you most proud to have manifested in your life?

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: My family, My husband, My children, My friends, I feel like I am a very lucky girl surrounded by a lot of love.

Jennifer Pastiloff: What is the greatest lesson you have learned from your kids?

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: To be in the moment and be yourself.

Jennifer Pastiloff: One of the things I love most about you is your generosity. Last year you donated a necklace to my to help get us started with supplies for the kids simply because I asked you. Who would you say thank you to right now if you could?

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: Ah, the list is long. Thank you to you for asking me to be a part of

Jennifer Pastiloff: I have a list of rules ( see below). What would some of Jen’s rules be?

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: Be present. Be thankful. Make time for your friends. Make time for your significant other. make time for yourself. put the phone down. always be in the moment when you are with your children. and dream big.

Jennifer Pastiloff: What’s up next for Jen Meyer Maguire? What are you manifesting for 2012? Where can we find more of you?

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: manifesting continued happiness… and a little more sleep.

Jennifer Pastiloff: What role does family play in your life?

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: Family is the motivation behind everything I do. It’s the reason I work, the reason I travel (or don’t), and the motivation behind my daily choices. I want my children to grow up knowing that I always put my family first.

Jennifer Pastiloff: Who/what inspires you the most in designing your jewelry?

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: All women. My girlfriends, traveling. I seem to find a little inspiration in everything.

Jennifer Pastiloff: When is the last time you laughed at yourself?

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: Daily. I try not to take myself so seriously.

Jennifer Pastiloff: If you weren’t designing jewelry what would you be doing for a living?

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: I Couldn’t imagine not doing what I do. But if I had to choose, I would love to be a psychologist.

Jennifer Pastiloff: If you had one message to share with people who want to manifest their dreams, what would it be?

Jennifer Meyer Maguire: I would say that if you have a passion for something then go for it. It’s easy to romanticize the process of manifesting your dreams but I do believe that with a lot of work and focus they actually came come true.

Jen inspired.


Jen Pastiloff’s rules:

1. Be Kind.

2. Have a sense of humor especially when it comes to yourself

3. Write poems, even if only in your head

4. Sing out loud, even if badly

5. Dance

6. If you don’t have anything nice to say… you know the deal

7. Find things to be in awe of

8. Be grateful for what you have right now . yes, even your little one bedroom apartment with the ugly carpet

9. Watch Modern Family

10. Duh, do yoga

11. Don’t worry. Everyone on Facebook seems like they have happier and funner lives. They don’t.

12. Tell someone you love that you love them. Right now.

13.. Take more pictures.

14. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. no such thing.