What Is a Manifestation Retreat?

Just what is a Manifestation Retreat with Jen Pastiloff? (All retreats listed here.)

It’s about being open and finding your voice. About getting messy and being loud. It’s about being free and heard and seen and truthful and fearless. It’s about the willingness to look like a dork. To let go of what others think. I use the body as a vehicle, the yoga part is not the focus but rather a method to get the people in  out of the prompts and the experience. Mostly it’s about being human. There is no way to really describe it. I created a thing that wasn’t a thing but is now a thing. That thing can’t be labeled or put in a box but I can do my best to describe it.

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It’s all sorts of things. There been much written about it (by people other than myself.) I think that would do it justice best.

So, here is what others are saying about my retreats…

  1. Short video by photographer Joe Longo which sums up a retreat beautifully. 
  2. Making Sh*t Happen. A Stunning essay written by Martha Meyer Barantovich of Miami, Florida, about what happens at my retreats. Click here.
  3. Essay by Marika Delan who attended by retreat in Ojai. Ruptured: How Jen Pastiloff’s Manifestation Yoga Retreat Broke Me Open & Put Me Back Together Again. 
  4. A Delicious Pack of Weirdos by the brilliant James Vincent Knowles. He wrote this on Elephant Journal after attending my retreat. Click here. 
  5. How May I Serve? An Amazing Thing That Happened to a Woman After my Retreat. Simply beautiful. Click here to read. 
  6. Comfortable In My Humanness. What one gal had to say after attending best selling author Emily Rapp and my writing retreat to Vermont! Click here to read post.
  7. Waking Up! Click here to read: I Am No Longer Asleep. Stephanie Neutze wrote this after her first retreat.
  8. Katie Devine writes this after my retreat to The Galapagos on her blog Confessions of an Imperfect Life. 
  9. Beautifully written by Cassandra Kirwan Sometimes It Is Easy To Forget Who We Are In The World.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years. Along the
way, I’ve had some pretty remarkable teachers.
But, I can say I’ve had none like Jen.  Not knowing
what to expect, I hopped a train in Rome (where
I currently live) and headed up to Tuscany for
her retreat on the recommendation of a friend.

I headed into class expecting all the normal
twisting and adjustments, but what I got was
so much more. She takes you to another place
entirely. Yoga for me has always been grounding,
a place to struggle and rest, to release and
search. Jen gave me all that and also made it
fun like only Jen can. You may walk in with
an ego, but you won’t walk out with one.

 “Your retreat in Ojai Jenn! My
soul needed that. You are
truly a gifted girl. The way
you balance sincerity
and levity.

You are one funny powerful woman!

xoxo Amy Jo Johnson Actress/Singer/Writer/Director/Mommy

the room a little more open. It’s a wild ride. There is writing involved although you do not have to be a “writer.” Most likely however, some brilliant writing will comeStudio-458x610


Sabrina and I 4 years ago at my annual Tuscany retreat.

Sabrina and I 4 years ago at my annual Tuscany retreat.




Thanks Simplereminders.com for this poster!

Thanks Simplereminders.com for this poster!



Dancing is so so good for your soul!

Dancing is so so good for your soul!


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