Because silence is not an option

We all own this problem.

Marching, listening, amplifying—all of that is important, but those actions alone are not nearly enough. As individuals and as a collective, it is imperative we work for change from the inside out and the outside in. We need to learn what it really means for our black and brown friends to try to thrive in this country, unlearn our own assumptions and biases, demand change, and be relentless in our efforts. We need to take action to protect reproductive health for women. We need to make sure our schools remain a safe space for all kids. 

Frankly, it can feel overwhelming, but there is something you can do: Register to Vote

Voting is not only crucial for national elections but also for local ones. Local decisions shape our communities and affect our daily lives, from law enforcement to education. Don’t underestimate the importance of your local elections; know who your representatives are, research your candidates and make an informed decision.

At The ManifestStation, we are proud to add our voices to the call for change. Silence is complicity, and frankly, it is not an option. Change is possible. If we work together, we can do this! Every vote counts in creating a better and more equitable society.