Think You're A Fit?

The ManifestStation is a place for words and we strive to publish work that reflects what it means to be human.

We want to amplify voices and experiences that move us both with its subject and how it is presented. We want Oh Wow.....Oh Wow kind of posts. We want the I have to put down my cup of coffee (or wine) and give this my full attention kind of stuff.

We want to see polished pieces, not drafts. We are not looking for self-help, blog posts, or fluff.

We are looking for fantastic writing. Period. We don't care if you are a well known author or a computer programmer who secretly writes at night.

We want writing that takes risks, haunts us even. We want honest, gut-churning truth. We want to give your words a home.

Please know that we are honored to read your work and that even if you do not end up on the site, we think of it as a great privilege to read what you have written.

Now dazzle us.