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And So It Is, Guest Posts, Jen Pastiloff

Share Your Manifesto.

September 28, 2014

beauty-hunting-jen-logo-blackBy Jen Pastiloff.

Hello from Canyon Ranch in The Berkshires of Massachusetts, where I’m the guest speaker this week!photo

My workshop in NYC at Pure Yoga was so beautiful yesterday. I did an exercise where everyone wrote their manifestos and spoke them aloud. I promised to post a segment on my site where people could post their manifestos so here it is. This is my manifesto that I wrote quite a few months back. Add yours in the comment section. I cannot wait to read them all! And yes, I think I will be back in NYC to do another workshop in March! Continue Reading…

And So It Is, Manifestation Workshops, Video

Walk Around With Your Head Up Your Ass & You’ll Have Smelly Hair.

October 24, 2013


Do you make up stories about people? We all do it at times. We assume things. Today’s video is a challenge to NOT make up stories. I mention Howard Godnick, who I met at my NYC Manifestation Yoga® workshop, as my latest messenger. Here is the video I talk about in the vlog where Howard accepts a Courage award and talk about why he always has to wear black shades He reminded me how important it is to stay present rather than to make sh*t up. I constantly get stories made up about me with my hearing loss; it’s easier for people to assume I ma not paying attention. Thanks Howard for reminding me. Watch my video and his youtube vid and share them both if inspired xo


I’m Going To Oprah!

April 2, 2012

It’s happening.

Just a quick post to follow up yesterday’s. I AM going to Oprah’s lifeclass today at Radio City Music Hall.

I got invited by the Harpo people! They are making it happen for me!

I will blog from the plane tonight to share what I learned. (My LA folks, get ready for a supercharged week of inspiration. I am bubbling over with it!)

Yesterday’s workshop at PURE Yoga West was the perfect ending to my “East Coast Tour”.

I led 4 workshops in 1 week! What??? 

1 in LA, 1 in Philly and 2 in NYC.

And…..It was magnificent!

Yesterday was packed and sweaty and full of tears and laughter and dancing and inspiration.

It cracked my heart wide open.

Thank you New York.


My student flew all the way from Chicago to take my workshops in NYC. Thank you Kristina Soder! (Stay tuned because she is opening a yoga studio in Chicago!)


With my book agent. The best agent in the WORLD. Margaret O'Connor!
Love you Mags. (we look like sisters a little.)


With the incredible Mamaste! aka Sharon Pingitore.
Get to know this lady!