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All My Parts

February 21, 2012

All My Parts.

Oh, how I love this one. My sis has done it again. Admittedly, I am a bit jealous she got the Courage tattoo I wanted but i will stay with my fake ones from Conscious Ink for now. Hers is sweet though! Picture included in her blog.

“I made some monumental declarations in Mexico. I declared that I would not continue to live my life in a way that didn’t serve me.

Many of the parts of Me on that list are fact. The rest is me thanking the Universe in advance for how I see myself in the future.

There parts of me that no longer exist. Parts that were a crucial part in the evolution of ME. I chose not to write about them because I have put them in a box and said my thank you and goodbye to them. I am grateful that those parts of me existed but they no longer serve me.”

Click here to read her latest words of wisdom.


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