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Who Are You? Guest Post by Jennifer Pastiloff

March 23, 2012

Who Are You? Guest Post by Jennifer Pastiloff.

I guest posted on my sister’s ridiculously awesome blog about giving myself permission to say no. NO!

Have you done it lately?

Read post here.

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  • Reply jamesvincentknowles March 24, 2012 at 9:19 am

    here’s a couple of my fave mantras:

    use good judgement, not judgmentalism.
    if it flows, it goes.
    slow down, you’ll get there faster.

    Jennifer, you impress the heck out of me with your openness & authenticity.

    i read this post earlier this afternoon & started to write a comment to answer your question. I started waxing poetic about being a photographer, maybe a little bit of a writer, then i wrote the words “dragon slayer” and realized i’m not really feeling all that much like a dragon slayer right now.

    then i realized that for years i’ve been calling myself, “just a dude who tries to pay attention,” and i stopped writing. wow. no i’m not~! i’m a bit more than that~! then i had to take a bit of time to consider who i am before answering.

    so i’m sharpening my pen (the pen is mightier than the sword) & i’m paying attention. i’m awake. the dragon’s awake. i’ll not go back down into the abyss just to avoid fire breathing reptiles or any other sort of monsters. i know i’ll need some help though. like i’ve been getting here & there on these blogs from you, your sister Rachel and your friends.

    so okay … i’ll get back to you later on this one (after i’ve slain at least one dragon).


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