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7 Steps To Love Your Life And Really Mean It.

June 3, 2012

My latest is up on MindBodyGreen!

So how do you get to the point where you truly love your life?

Here are some ideas that have helped me and my students:

1. Make a Joy List. I do this in many of my yoga classes and ask my students to post it somewhere where they can see it. Look at that joy list as often as you can and try to get into the feelings of the things you wrote on it. For example, a Sunday cuddle, a warm fire and a book you can’t put down, a kiss, a nice glass of red, a child’s pose. Whatever it is, see if you can connect to that ‘feel good feeling’. Pretty soon you will notice you don’t need the list as much because it will be tattoed on your heart so at a momet’s notice you can reach in and borrow some joy or give some away.

Click here to read the rest/and add your own step to the list!


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