Thank You Letters. Collective Voices Series.

August 23, 2012

Welcome to the Collective Voices Series. I will pose questions on my FacebookTwitter and here on my blog, and then share the responses with you all. My hope is that when we start to see all of our voices together here like this, swimming with each other, we feel less alone. Less like we are out there on an island, alone and floating at sea. We will feel more human.

Today’s Collective Voice is a Thank You Letter. Feel free to add yours at bottom of the post in comment section!

Thank you to me. I am thanking myself for having the balls to quit the corporate career I slaved at for 12 years, even though it paid through the nose, even though it came with benefits and all kinds of “safety”; it was sucking my soul dry. So here’s a big fucking thank you to me for deciding to stop for one second and believe in myself. ~ Rebecca Butler.

Thank you Mom for everything you do for me. People say they always have the best mom in the world, but I really do think you’re one of the best(I may be a little biased ;)) Everything you have experienced in your life has made you that much stronger and loving as a person. Through my food allergies& stomach appointments you are always the one holding my hand when I don’t know what to do, when I am in so much pain. You mean the world to me, and I will always love you and do anything I can for you. Thanks for being such a supportive, amazing role model not sure how I could ever function without you by my side. ♥ Madison Ferris

I dont know where to start a thank you note….so I will start where I am. 

Dear me,

Thank you. Thank you for listening to the grabbing spirit that reached in your soul and pulled you towards your life. Thank you for knowing that what you do isn’t a job, that what you do is a calling. Thank you for listening to this calling and believing that you have the possibility to make real, positive change by doing what you do. Thank you for also knowing that you don’t need words of thanks to keep answering your callin. Thank you for believing that what you do and who you are so intertwined that the people you teach feel that. Thank you for being present in this moment and mindful of what you do and who you are. And finally, thank you for doing what you do from a place so deep inside you that allows others in. Teach on sister! Sincerely, Professor Martha and Yogi Martha



Dear Michael,

I know everyone says that you don’t deserve a thank you but I’m not the type of person to not say thank you. The way I see it is how can I not thank someone for sharing a short piece of their life with me regardless of the good and bad? And more importantly, I got the opportunity to share my life with you! Call it overly optimistic but I’m grateful. I’m grateful that I finally live in a place that I truly feel at home at. I love my yoga community. I mean I dont just love them but I LOVE them. They are the sweetest and most giving people I have ever met. I love my job, I love the balance I have, I love the trees, I love being so close to a body of water that reminds me to breathe. I love it all. So yes, despite the fact that you were not a nice person, I can’t help but say thank you. Thank you for helping me find my happiness. My love of life and most importantly my love for myself!~ Antoinette.

Rachelle Smith Stokes

Dear Father’s of Mine Who Have Passed,

Grandfather, thank you for playing games with me in your big old leather chair. I remember the cool feel of the brown and the smooth cracks with fluff I’d stick my fingers in. I will never forget you reaching over to the side pulling a lever, saying I broke the chair as we reclined and me laughing wildly as I shout “I saw you!”

Step Father Larry, thank you for loving my mother and letting her love you. You were the first man in my adult life to like me as a daughter. Growing up around mothers (and fathers that did nothing) I didn’t understand it. I do still love you and I’m happy you loved me and my sister too.

Dad, I know we didn’t know what do to with each other the first and only time we met. We didn’t understand how one so old and one so young could meet on common ground. Thank you for telling my oldest brother, who you were very close to, how much you loved me. It means a lot.

Rose Alma Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing the story of the amazing being that is Danielle Orner. I connect very deeply with her and her challenges, triumphs, and inner light. And I hope to write her personally soon, and let her know how she has inspired the peaceful warrior in me. But I never would have found her if it were not for you. So thank you for sharing your friend and her light with all of us. Peace and love, to you, and to Danielle. ♥

Thank you little Na Pali for giving me so much joy for 14 years! You were the best birthday present a 10 year old could ask for. Growing up you were my little pal, providing us with endless stories; everything you did was clever, hilarious, stubborn, and sweet all at the same time. You were so beautiful. We loved you to the moon and back.

Well, 14 is 80 in cat years, so you made a pretty darn good run of it.

I can still hear your little purrs, which you were so generous with. I’ll miss you kitty.

Xo, Corinne

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    Collective letter of thanks to my friends,

    Thank you for loving and accepting me no matter what. For supporting me through the challenges of my life, and for being amazing. Thank you for being awesome, inspiring and brilliant!

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