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A Moveable Feast.

September 1, 2012

My Saturday column is up on my beloved Positively Positive! Please click here to read and leave a comment if so inspired. 

Wherever I go, I will be home because I will take with me my own moveable feast. I will be on my Awe Tour all the time, taking notes and adding them to my repertoire, which includes: Ernest Hemingway, my favorite people and memories, wines that I love and songs too, pictures I took and people I thought I have forgotten but haven’t, books I have read and sentences I remember from where I do not know, miracles I have been privy to or part of all along the way, things I am not proud of alongside my greatest accomplishments, the talisman I wear around my neck, and a paper scrawled with all the things that would fit on it which bring me wonder. All of these things will be part of my movable feast. As I get older, it will grow, and it will shrink, and it may grow again, but it will always be movable unless I forget that it is.

And I will never forget.

I will carry Hemingway in my breast pocket or the equivalent of that, maybe on my iPad or Kindle, and I will reach for him if I start to feel like I am being swallowed by nothingness or everythingness or Facebook.

I will pour myself a glass of something red, get a nice pen, and maybe some nice stationery for Hemingway’s sake, and I will neatly write out all the things that are included in my moveable feast, for as long as it takes.

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  • Reply Danny Nicola September 2, 2012 at 10:36 am

    My Hemingway is a mystic author known to most of the world as Osho. (AKA Bagwhan Shree Rajneesh) Whenever I’ve felt lost or if I need some words of encouragement to live by its usually his books that have put things in perspective. A controversial figure in India and around the world; Osho  challenged conventional religion. He says “The people who want to be blissful have to seek light, they have to find their inner flame; they have to find their inner awareness. Light represents awareness, darkness represents unawareness. Light means consciousness, darkness means unconsciousness — and we are all living in unconsciousness. We have to move towards the dawn, towards light, towards awareness.” I think he understood the dark night of the soul more than most and from reading his books I have come long and far on this journey called life to a place where I am not only surrounded by old friends I haven’t met yet, but true mystics. Those that understand the beauty that lies right here in front of us in the form of this consciousness and life. No longer alone in the wilderness looking for the inner flame but with a group – a tribe that knows how to build a fire for the dark night still occurring in the consciousness of others. “By living our truth, we set others free” – I have learned this from you Jennifer. Thanks for initiating me into the tribe. <333

    NKAC Out!

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