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My Saturday Column on Positively Positive.

September 29, 2012

My weekly Saturday post is up.

Click here to read. I love this one. 

I have also discovered the patience of miracles and how, when you wait for them, they will show up, often in disguise but there nonetheless. 

Other patient things: Yoga and how it meets you time and time again. Love, even when you have sworn off it for the last time. A breathtaking set of words and how they sit patiently and marinate in your mind until they are entirely a part of you.Healing, which can wait until you are blue in the face before it sits down and makes itself at home. A good glass of wineand how it lingers and develops a nose, a body, a personality.

To finish reading and comment click here.

Love you all, Jen

see you in Miami!!

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