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The Time To Have Faith

February 7, 2016

By Stacey Parshall Jensen

In August I was walking into my mother’s house thinking of the Native pipe ceremony we would be having that afternoon. I generally go into these ceremonies preparing myself by contemplating what prayers I’ll place in the pipe, what my intentions are, and how to make myself open to what the Great Spirit will bring me.  That’s what I was thinking when I heard a voice in my head say “Now’s the time to have some faith.”

The voice, His voice was deep. Not threatening. Not even forceful. He stated to me “Now’s the time to have some faith” because He knows I don’t have much.

As a kid I learned that if someone had the power to hurt me they probably would. And I’ve struggled for years thinking I deserved it.  But as I heal and honor the value of myself, I struggle yet today that those who can hurt–will. And I see proof of that. With acts of violence and terrorism. With attacks and deaths on people with less power.  With laws designed to hold someone or many someone’s, down.  I see and know that life is painful and I still feel most of the time my job is to be on guard. To walk swiftly but with caution. Hone my peripheral so no one can’t sneak up on me.  Figure out the plan and know my exits.   And yes, I’m exhausted.

My life IS filled with good people now. Nobody I know wants to deliberately hurt me. I accept that. I know that. And I’m grateful.  And lucky. Blessed.

But life. That force beyond us meager humans, us wee creatures is not an idea or some construct, it’s a living breathing entity beyond any control.  Sometimes, freewill, making decisions, being proactive, creating and manifesting a vision, can make things happen.  We can do all that but yet at the very same time, Life will just be what it is. And that is what I’m suppose to have faith in?

My mind goes a bit wild. I actually get sick to my stomach with fear and weak with confusion about not just what faith means and if I want some, but how do I do I get it? How do I do it?  You do faith, right? Right? Continue Reading…