Q & A Series, There Are No Words To Describe This

Dying To Be Me. The Manifestation Q&A Series: Anita Moorjani.

February 6, 2012

Welcome to The Manifestation Q&A Series.

 I am Jennifer Pastiloff and this series is designed to introduce the world to someone I find incredible. Someone who is manifesting their dreams on a daily basis.

There are no words to describe this, which is why that is one of the categories I have filed this interview under. I met Anita Moorjani in October when I went to see my great teacher Wayne Dyer speak in Pasadena. Through a series of events which prove to me the divine guidance of love and the power of manifesting, I ended up not only at the lecture, but as Dr. Dyer’s guest with his daughter. I happened to be sitting next to a beautiful woman who as it turned out would be speaking at the event. Not only did she speak, but she cracked my heart open. I sobbed for hours after I saw her and heard her story. Not with sadness, but with a clarity and an understanding and a yearning for love. I do not want to talk too much about her because I want you to see for yourself who this woman is to me. She is now, next to Wayne Dyer, one of my great teachers and spiritual guides.

On 2nd February 2006, Anita Moorjani experienced what most of us never have!

She crossed over and came back to share what she learned. Doctors at the hospital had given Anita just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital that morning, unable to move as a result of the cancer that had ravaged her body for over three years.

Below she shares with us what she learned and her big beautiful heart. Please get her book as soon as you can. Dying To Be Me, Anita’s book, goes into great detail about what it means to live authentically and fearlessly and how it is imperative to love ourselves fiercely.

I love this woman and am counting the days until I see her and Dr. Dyer in San Jose! Join me?

Get ready, my sweet Manifesters……

Anita and I in Pasadena, California after she and Dr. Wayne Dyer spoke

Jennifer Pastiloff: What are you most proud to have manifested in your life?

Anita Moorjani: Healing from cancer! By far that is the most important manifestation of my life! But I am also incredibly proud to have written a book! I never thought I could write, so it feels really surreal to realize that I have actually authored a book that is being published by Hay House! What a dream come true!

Jennifer Pastiloff: What is the greatest lesson that you have learned from having a near death experience?

Anita Moorjani: The biggest lesson I learned was how important it was to love myself and be true to myself. That is the most important lesson from my NDE. I had always thought it was selfish to love myself and meet my needs before others, but I learned that if I do not love myself, I will not have enough love to give others because I cannot give others what I myself do not have. The more I love myself and have my own needs met, the easier it is for me to be generous with others.

I used to be a people pleaser, and always put others first, and was often afraid of being myself. I was always trying to be someone I was not, and would always become drained from doing and doing for others. And I always thought it was selfish to pursue my own needs when others were more needy. But I now understand that it’s not selfish at all to have my own needs met first, and in fact, I am here to be myself. And when I am self actualized, it makes me healthier, happier, more generous and less needy. I also understand that if we constantly try to be someone we are not, the planet will be deprived of who we really are!

Jennifer Pastiloff: I have a list of rules. See below. What would some of Anita’s rules be?

Anita Moorjani:

1. Don’t take life seriously;

2. Eat chocolate;


4. Eat more chocolate;

5. Enjoy life and do what brings you joy;

6. Make your everyday choices based on what makes you FEEL good, rather than what you THINK you should do or what others think you should do;

7. Live your life out of passion and love, rather than out of a fear of failing and displeasing;

8. Start each day listening to “Dancing Queen” and singing along with it;

9. Laugh at yourself every single day! (The more you practice this one, the sooner you will achieve nirvana).

10. Every time you look in the mirror, remind yourself that you are a perfect child of the universe who is here to be true to yourself. Your only purpose is to be yourself. To try to be anyone else would be depriving the universe of who you really are.

11. Don’t worry too much about “getting it right”. When our only purpose is to be our self, we cannot get it wrong!

12. Start each day with a clean slate, leaving behind the emotions of yesterday. Each day is a blank canvas, on to which we can paint anything we desire! So it’s our choice whether we paint our canvas with joy, love and laughter, or with fear, anger, regret, anxiety, and worry.

Jennifer Pastiloff:  Who/what inspires you the most?

Anita Moorjani: The people who inspire me the most are the ones who make the greatest magic on our planet without realizing that they are making magic. The unsung heroes who receive no recognition, fame or monetary rewards for what they do. People like the lady in our community who rescues abandoned and unwanted dogs, and feeds and homes all the dogs that no one else wants; the parents who adopt special needs children who they know no one else will adopt because they are going to give them a challenging life; or the nurses who deal with terminally ill patients with the utmost care and concern, and can still remain cheerful and upbeat for the sake of their patients. There are many such people who have woven themselves into the fabric of our society, yet most of us don’t even notice or recognize them. They have become all but invisible to us, and whenever I come across someone like this, it is both inspiring and humbling.

Jennifer Pastiloff:  I teach many of my classes to the theme of gratitude. If you could say thank you right now to one person who would it be?

Anita Moorjani: This one is easy – it would have to be Dr. Wayne Dyer! You would not be interviewing me right now if it weren’t for him, and I am so grateful to him for believing that everyone needs to hear my message and giving me the opportunity to share my message with the world! He has been such a huge support in getting my book published and out there, and the universe could not have conspired to bring me to the attention of a better or more suitable person than Wayne!

Jennifer Pastiloff: What is one message you would pass on right now to someone looking to manifest their best selves? Especially after seeing you in Pasadena with Dr. Dyer and hearing what you went through, I know that your message is one that is very important for us.

Anita Moorjani: My message is very simple – JUST BE YOURSELF! Always be true to yourself, and you will attract what is truly yours! There is nothing more to it than that, really. The more we try to be someone we are not, the more we are pushing away what we truly deserve.

The only reason we deny our own truth is out of fear – fear that who we are is not deserving, not good enough or inadequate in some way. This fear will push away what we truly deserve. All we need to do is to be our self fearlessly, and we will attract what is truly ours!

Jennifer Pastiloff:  Tell us about your journey with Dr. Wayne Dyer, who is also a guest on The Manifestation Q&A Series, and happens to be my greatest teacher.

Anita Moorjani: This was an amazing, and synchronistic journey, which I have written about in great detail in my book. Wayne discovered my story – which was brought to his attention by a lovely lady named Mira Kelley – at the exact moment when I was ready to share my story with a broader audience. After reading my story, which Mira printed off the internet to show him, Wayne felt compelled to track me down and help me publish a book on my story. It took a staggering amount of synchronicities for my story to reach Wayne’s hands, and finally become a published book, in such a short frame of time!

Jennifer Pastiloff: What brings you the most joy? Your joy list, as it were.

Anita Moorjani: Seeing others helped by my story! Nothing makes me happier than for others to feel that hearing of my experience has helped them in some way to heal their hearts. It makes my journey through cancer so much more worth while. I don’t want others to suffer the way I did, and hope I went through what I did so others won’t have to!

Jennifer Pastiloff: What are you manifesting for 2012?

Anita Moorjani: I am hoping that together, we can manifest a world without irrational fears! Although I understand that some fears may be healthy, as they may keep us safe from harm. But as a race of people, we have become pathologically fearful, and it is now a serious disease that is devouring us and our planet. Fear not only feeds illnesses like cancer, and wears down our immune system, but it is also at the root of our violence and terrorism. We have become a fear-based society. Our behaviors and decisions are all based on our fears, rather than our passion or desire for a more joyful and fruitful life. Our medical systems, laws, governments, etc, are all fear based and fear driven, rather than stemming from a desire to do good for ourselves, our community, and the planet. Because of this, our emotions are constantly in a state of fear! I would love to be the catalyst that makes people aware of this, and makes people see things differently. Our only responsibility is to see it in ourselves, and change it in our own self. When we can do that, we will see the world change.

Jennifer Pastiloff: Can you tell us a little about your journey. Let’s say who you were 15 years ago as compared to now.

Anita Moorjani: 15 years ago, I was afraid of everything. I used to be a people pleaser, and would try very hard to fit in, and would be afraid to show my true feelings. I felt I had to work hard at being liked, and would not be considered a good person unless I did things to deserve it. I used to believe that I had to work harder at being more spiritual, a better person, etc. And I always felt I didn’t measure up to other people’s expectations. Now I realize that we are all spiritual, whether we realize it or not! How can we not be, as we come from spirit and return to spirit? And my only responsibility is to be myself, and if that’s my only responsibility, then I cannot fail! And if we are not being true to our selves, then the universe is deprived of who we came here to be.

I also used to be very particular about everything I ate, not because of a love for myself or a caring for my body. It was because of fear of what these foods would do to me. I was very afraid of cancer, and believed that everything caused cancer, from microwaves, barbecued foods, red meat, plastic containers, pollution, sunshine, etc. I now realize that it’s the emotions I feel about the food that has more effect on me than the food itself. I can choose to eat conventionally healthy food, and as long as I am doing it because I love my body and life, and want to live long and healthy, then that’s the effect the food will have on me. If I eat it out of fear, because I am afraid of cancer, I am just sending fear based energy through my body, regardless of whether the food is healthy or not.

Even if I eat a piece of chocolate or dessert, I eat it because I want to enjoy the sensation of eating it, and enjoy every bite.

Jennifer Pastiloff: Where can we find more of you and your book?

Anita Moorjani: My website is www.anitamoorjani.com. It is kept updated with all my latest video uploads, as well as upcoming speaking engagements.

To order my book, the best place would be Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1401937519/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=dytobeme-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1401937519

In my book, I go into a lot more detail, particularly about my illness, what emotions I feel caused it, and what emotions I feel healed it.

Jennifer Pastiloff: When was the last time you laughed at yourself?

Anita Moorjani: I think I laugh at myself all the time! My husband and my closest friends know me well enough now to know how important it is to be able to laugh at ourselves, so we do it all the time now! I am now able to laugh at myself really easily at what I used to at one time perceive as my inherent “flaws”. I laugh at my human-ness, and no longer beat myself up when I fail, goof up, can’t keep up, fall down, am criticized, and so on. I now realize that if all we have to do is be ourselves, we can’t get it wrong!

Jennifer Pastiloff: What would say say about the theme of “Forgiveness”, a big one in my classes.

Anita Moorjani: For me, this is an interesting one. My NDE has really changed my focus on forgiveness. In that NDE state, the love for myself was unconditional, and I realized that I was one with everyone.

Prior to my NDE, I used to think that I had to forgive people if I perceived they had wronged me or hurt me in some way. I now realize that there is nothing to forgive. People don’t hurt others intentionally – they only do so out of their own pain. Or when we perceive hurt where there is none intended, we are perceiving hurt out of our own pain. If I am able to love myself unconditionally, and realize that we are all One, that is, part of the same Whole, then it becomes easier to love and accept others unconditionally. And when I can do that, I realize there is nothing to forgive. If we are One, then forgiving others is the same as forgiving myself.

And when I can live from a place of total acceptance for self and unconditional love for self, it becomes much easier to live from that place of unconditional love and total acceptance for others. And when we are in that place of acceptance for all, we realize that there is nothing to forgive. Everything is as it should be.

Jennifer Pastiloff:  When can we expect you back in the U.S.?

Anita Moorjani: I will be back in the US in March. I will be speaking with Wayne Dyer at the San Jose “I Can Do It” conference hosted by Hay House on March 17/18. Am really looking forward to it – to meeting all the lovely people there again! And I just love being on stage with Wayne. I just love his presence! He has such a wonderful way with his audience and his guests!

Jennifer Pastiloff: What would you say to the 16 year old Anita?

Anita Moorjani: I would say, “You are perfect the way you are! You don’t need to change for anyone else! You don’t need to feel that you have to do things to prove yourself! You are loved unconditionally. You are a perfect child of the universe, and your only purpose is to be yourself.” I would make sure that the 16 year old Anita feels that she is loved unconditionally, regardless.

Jennifer Pastiloff: I was most moved by the love of your husband. Can you share a bit about that?

Anita Moorjani: My husband has always loved me unconditionally. He really is a lovely man, and what I didn’t realize in the beginning was that all I had to do was love myself unconditionally too, and merely by doing that, I would be able to love him unconditionally as well! However, instead of just basking in his unconditional love for me, prior to my cancer, I had always felt I had to do things to make it up to him, for loving me so much! I was always trying really hard to make it up to him for loving me so much. I never realized that I just had to “be” rather than constantly focus on “doing”.

When I first got married, I had always thought that I, as a woman, would be the one to teach him about the meaning of unconditional love. But through my illness, I realized that he was the one teaching me.

My husband is my soul mate, and I am always grateful for him, and the way he cared for me through my illness. He believes that was his purpose in this life – to see me through that.

Jennifer Pastiloff: Thank you. I love you xoxoox

Anita Moorjani: Thank you, and love you too!!! xxxxxx

Jen’s rules:

1. Be Kind.

2. Have a sense of humor especially when it comes to yourself

3. Write poems, even if only in your head

4. Sing out loud, even if badly

5. Dance

6. If you don’t have anything nice to say… you know the deal

7. Find things to be in awe of

8. Be grateful for what you have right now .

9. Duh, do yoga

10. Don’t worry. Everyone on Facebook seems like they have happier and funner lives. They don’t.

11. Tell someone you love that you love them. Right now.

12. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. No such thing.

13. Thank the Universe in advance.

Follow Anita on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Anita.Moorjani



Jennifer Pastiloff is the founder of The Manifest-Station. She has been featured on Good Morning America, NY Magazine, Oprah.com. Her writing has been featured on The Rumpus, The Nervous Breakdown, Jezebel, Salon, and more. Jen leads her signature Manifestation Retreats & Workshops all over the world. The next retreat is to Ojai, Calif over Labor Day/New Years. Check out jenniferpastiloff.com for all retreat listings and workshops to attend one in a city near you. Next up: Seattle, Atlanta, South Dakota, NYC, Dallas, Miami, Tucson & The Berkshires (guest speaker Canyon Ranch.) She tweets/instagrams at @jenpastiloff.

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  • Reply melkrell February 6, 2012 at 10:24 am

    So inspiring that I am way too in my head at the moment…which is a double edged sword when it comes to writers-ha! Your questions are so right on, and your guests kep blowing my mind. I can’t wait for the first collection-I’ll even buy my own at Barnes and Nobel. Love u!!

    • Reply ManifestYogaJen February 6, 2012 at 10:25 am

      I love you too! Thank you. Anita is inspiring beyond words, isn’t she?

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    Wow! So beautiful. Crying. xoxo

  • Reply James Vincent Knowles February 6, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    wow, “People don’t hurt others intentionally – they only do so out of their own pain. Or when we perceive hurt where there is none intended, we are perceiving hurt out of our own pain. If I am able to love myself unconditionally, and realize that we are all One, that is, part of the same Whole, then it becomes easier to love and accept others unconditionally.” *Anita Moorjani

    Yeah, huh? That fear thing really can prevent us from being our true selves, eh what?

    Thank you Anita! So much truth~! … & Than you too, Jennifer! Both for sharing Anita’s story and for being you~!

  • Reply Model Skinny (@ModelSkinny) February 7, 2012 at 11:15 am

    LoVe, LoVe, LoVe, LoVe! See you and Anita in San Jose… but I’ll surely see you sooner on the mat! I can’t wait for you, Jennifer, to join the Hay House Team! I know it’s going to happen! I feel it! <3

  • Reply Cary February 8, 2012 at 7:42 am

    Thanks for posting about Anita because we cal all learn from her… Thank you! 🙂 Wish I can see her in San Jose but will try to get her book…??? Best, C~

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    What a JOYFUL energy – Anita, your Being IS so radiant! Thanks for bringing her story to light Jen! I am a HUGE believer in the role emotions play on health.

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    thank you. crying and laughing at once. this message is changing my heart already. sadhu Amma Anita.

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    You saved me from getting into a serious illnessn Anita. I felt the same being born to Indian parents. Thankyou

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