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Angel School.

May 29, 2012

Angel School

by James Vincent Knowles.

Today I suddenly remembered being told in Angel School that I was being sent on a difficult journey to a place where everyone was a fallen Angel.

My task, as it was explained, was a difficult one.

I would have to live as one of these suffering beings and learn their pain, experience many types of fear and problems.

To help the fallen, I too would have to fall.

Upon my arrival I’d forget all I’d learned in Angel school and my knowledge would not be returned until I’d completed my task. I would need to learn how to survive amongst these confused others in order to help them see the way back to the heavens. This was to be a rough journey & to serve my destined duty might require decades & much time.

Time is love, I was told.

And it was only Love which could help me guide any of the others to freedom & peace & joy. And the only way for me to find joy and love in present time would be that I completely forget my self.

This task set before me, would necessitate that I learn what it means to “die before you die”. It would require discipline & loss of my Angel Status.

Balance would be precarious and absolutely essential to achieve my goals, as my wings would be removed until I returned upon completion of the goal of helping at least one other fellow fallen.

The reward for this work would be self evident if I found a way to do it honestly with real empathy and compassion.

Conscious focus on this purpose would require faith as the only awareness I was allowed to bring along on my trip was that of God’s Love of All. So it came to pass this memoir could only be written after achievement of much learning, mostly through pain caused by living and suffering as a human & partly through studying the writings & teaching of those who had come before me.

In the beginning it seemed an insurmountable obstacle course; a climbing of Everest & a crossing of the Sahara. But step by step and tick after tock, time evolved from an urgent and relentless master to become a comfortable eternal now. An always now.

Without effort, time had become pure love.

Sometimes I smiled at things and people around me and noticed, and became grateful for, the tremendous beauty in the souls of those whom I was surrounded. Everyone I met needed some sort of help & finally I was aware! It was indeed just Love that mattered. Everything good was created with the easy-hard work of Love. And the rewards began flowing, washing away the fog of doubt, bringing joy & inner peace & simplicity . . . and this momentous & humbling gift which opened up my heart completely began in the oddest and most surprising way, on a curbside I’d passed many times but where I’d never stopped before. There & then, another Angel smiled at me & brushed my lips with hers playfully and sensuously in total innocence & freedom. The Universe immediately balanced, self fell away, light shined, curves curved, complications vanished, desire purified & “me” became “we”. A second ticked before it happened, I heard that clock! But after that Angel-kiss, it has not tocked. Not once! I’ve been here now ever since. Angel school finally paid off! Just love, indeed-! They might have told me what to look for! The sweetest girl in the world! But I suppose it was meant to be a surprise! Another Angel – it makes sense. It was me who was in need of learning how to live! I’ve been told I can go home now if I choose but I’ve decided to stick around a bit and maybe help go wake some other Angels up. I’m so grateful to that surprise girl for her kindness and that kiss which helps me help others find their bliss.

And as I now recall, we’d been taught just that one thing in Angel School, the only rule is Love.


******** Written as a response to my piece on Bliss. Click here to read.

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