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Daily Horoscope by Jen Pastiloff: Professional Horoscope Maker-Upper.

December 19, 2011

I am writing horoscopes that come from deep within the well of my imagination.

In case you missed this one the other day.

A horoscope for you today by Jen Pastiloff, professional horoscope maker:

Although at first, this feeling of utter Delight & Joy make catch you unawares.

But, after a brief glance in the mirror, where you will do a double take to make sure it is really you, the following hard fact will be accepted……You will no longer care what Others think about You.

You will step outside and sing out loud and perhaps do a little jig on the sidewalk in your pajamas.

And although you may sing horribly and dance even worse and your pajamas may be on inside out, you will do so with such utter freedom and grace that the world will clap and praise you.
And you won’t even notice. Just as you won’t notice the one person that rolls their eyes at you.

You will come to the revelation that your father was right when he told you ” The only opinion that matters is your own.” 
You will march to the beat of your own iPhone.
You will be free.