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Why I Make Time To Get Away

October 2, 2015

By Nina Carroll

I realize there are many facets to why I need time to get away. The most important is that my spirit calls me to a sacred safe space to breathe in the many possibilities life offers me. I become my true authentic self when I observe me in an environment living each present moment. The getting away helps me to balance the distractions of my daily hustles and bustles to work, obligations towards family, friends and my struggles with my monetary responsibilities to live a sustainable lifestyle within the everyday mundane stuff. I rather “let go” and surrender these attachments and/or entanglements. I realize they do not always serve me. Instead, I try to practice staying focus on my internal state I discover unravels and empowers an authenticity of my true self.

I recently had the privileged of a two weeks stay at a remote artist community. The best two weeks I had given myself for quite some time. A dream had come true for me. The setting was in a valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I felt more alive, free and open, being just where I was without any reservations or second thoughts. I was able to contemplate, reflect, meditate with being my true self with everything and everyone life introduced and offered me in this surroundings. I took nature walks, read and wrote poetry by a running creek, soothed my wounds in a natural hot springs that baptized my soul, which soared me further up into the majestic mountains. Until, alas I found myself one night sleeping under a bush thicket with bare necessities not making it back in time to my destination. I realize this became the catalyst catapulting the time needed to reveal what I was to experience during this getaway. My spirit had guided me to a place, where I had to recognize I must live life to its fullest no matter where I need to getaway.

However, I need time to getaway to a place that becomes a sacred space for me. Where my healing can begin to process in this space, so my spirit and I can connect. In this space my spirit helps me to facilitate and make an assessment of my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state of well- being. I consciously make an effort not to resist my inner needs calling, but to go further, deeper within myself to alleviate whatever is pulling me away from hearing those needs. This getaway becomes the perfect time where I show-up, seek my truth; shine my light. I can relax, unwind, meditate as I take a deep inhale and breathe through my heart, mind and soul; exhale slowly to discern what entangled discords, distortions and defenses I have built around them. I practice releasing these blockages daily through meditation. A vital source that helps me to heal my heart, mind and soul, so I can easily, gently and openly flow with my spirit and life.

When I find myself stagnate with life’s flow. The time needed to getaway is my ticket to freedom. I can maintain balancing and aligning my practice of assessing my well-being’s state with this incredible life source. I believe wherever I am, something greater than myself unconditionally understands my highest intentions, regards my creative expression and sets me free to be me. I have time to reflect on my abundant rewards life has graced me with such gifts and blessings of peace, love, serenity and joy that brings me harmony. A time needed to getaway enriches my daily creative outlets I unconventionally practice; meditation, yoga, nature walks, vegetarian cooking, spiritual reading, journaling and creative writing are all my creative expressions. They help me stay balance within the fluidity of life and its unexpected challenges, and, also complement my alternative lifestyle I choose to live.

Although, I may risk taking a leap of faith. I hope this time needed to getaway is a safe place where I can seek refuge. A sanctuary where I can be still and silent long enough to listen. I want to be able to hear my spirit encourage me to explore my surroundings, and express what resonates with my heart, mind and soul. I want to be able to trust I hear my spirit communicating I have found a haven where there is comfort, counsel, and an opportunity to change. This is what I need for my greatest good within this sacred space. I am always grateful and thankful for finding a place where I can just be me. I no longer feel I am a wounded warrioress, a victim, or an exile from my tribe and/or community, but, an individual who is being uplifted and honored by magnanimous moments. I cherish and praise these unexpected wonderful moments. An authenticity is channeled the way I would truly want to be alongside life.

Regardless, how I may see my life at times with its highs and lows. I question in what way I’m to be in this vast, mysterious and big Universe. I know a time needed to getaway is a place where I will go to ask these questions, and find I am given only the answers I truly need to receive. If, I am willing to accept the venture I seek. I can unveil any delusions, blinding my perceptions how I think life should be. Instead, I rather stay present, and focus leaving open the possibilities life has to offer me each waking moment. I can simply engage, expand and evolve with my spirit; a practice I continue learning with life’s lessons and experiences that teach me on their time.

A time needed to getaway brings a sensation that engulfs me with an exhilarated enthusiasm. I realize life is already a great adventure. It is like a doorway I enter to cross through its threshold. Whenever, I am ready to embrace whatever awaits me on the other side. This unknown portal may become a new beginning for me. Perhaps, I will be less resistant and fearful to what waits to welcome and initiate me. I may need time to get away, but, in the process I have become a little wiser, calmer, and a better individual. A human being who has become contented, confident and compassionate with herself. I do not have to struggle with my truth, integrity, honesty, courage and unconditional love for myself or others. Neither, can I deny my spirit; something that is always present to help me recognize shifts happens within me, revealing some newly developed discoveries about myself.

My time needed to getaway may seem foreign to me at first, but provides me a service. Somehow, I had come to do the work, I needed to get done before I got away from myself for my spirit’s sake. I ease more gently onward to another level, so I can move forward with life and my adventurous journey. I am ready and have eagerly prepared myself to meet and expect the unexpected. I vow willingly to accept and surrender, to myself, wherever life sends me will be another time needed for me to getaway.


Nina Carroll is s a spiritual writer; a mystic, or a spiritual seeker who enjoys immensely, creatively writing about what inspires her. She feels most uplifted when sharing her thoughts and her profound belief in a life lived with intention.


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Join Jen Pastiloff at one of her Girl Power Workshops or On being Human Workshops by clicking here.

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Ring in New Years 2016 with Jen Pastiloff at her annual Ojai retreat. It’s magic! It sells out quickly so book early. No yoga experience required. Just be a human being. With a sense of humor. Email with questions or click photo to book. NO yoga experience needed. Just be a human being.


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